There are lots of various hidden mechanics that are not obvious for newbies in poker. In some situations, the game can suddenly get too complicated. Today we will talk about such a situation. How to understand who wins if two players have 2 pairs in their hands? It is not as difficult to understand as you would think.

Speaking basically, a player with 2 higher pairs will win in such a showdown. If both players have the same 2 pairs, then the one with the highest kicker will be victorious. If both pairs and kickers are the same in hands of players, then the pot will get split. 

In some cases, players can fold top pairs when they face up to the multiple streets of value. However, folding with the bottom two pairs can be dangerous and you have to be skillful enough to make such moves profitable. Folding with the top two pairs is easier, as you can increase your value bet and then get paid off by smaller two pairs. Remember that when you use such tactics, you should be ready that your opponents will try to do the same, so continue playing with bigger cards in your hand. It will increase your chances to get top two pairs more often.

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